Attaches to any laptop or notebook computers, using an easily removable adhesive leaving
no sticky residue on your laptop lid.  720 x 1440 High Resolution DPI Full Color Printing. No fading or water marks. Heavy duty 5.0 mil vinyl provides protection to your computer, not just a sticker!  Colorful billboard advertising while providing personalization to your computer. Individually packaged in either a hard shipping tube or flat envelope.

Here is how to order:
1. Measure the area where you want your skin, width and length.
    ie: 14 inches wide x 10 tall. see example below.

2. Choose from any of the skin graphics below. or......
3. If you have your own, like a family photo, your hot rod mussel car or your business logo. Just email it to us and we will reproduce it on a skin.

FYI, all photos emailed must be of
large resolution, like 1200 x 1440 pixels or bigger, 3000 x 4000 is even better if you have them that big for good quality printing. small images come out looking my kids would say iky poo poo.... :-)

4. Email us at: mail@mikestickers with your measurements along with either one of our skin codes below or your own photo and we will email you back an invoice with the exact price. Any questions please ask away and we will be happy to answer you ASAP.

Prices vary, normal size laptops 14 inches x 10 inches run about $10.00 + shipping per skin.
Measuring example 1 Measuring example 2 Final Result



Code: LTS-1001 Code: LTS-1002 Code: LTS-1003
Code: LTS-1004 Code: LTS-1005 Code: LTS-1006
Code: LTS-1007 Code: LTS-1008 Code: LTS-1009
Code: LTS-1010 Code: LTS-1011 Code: LTS-1012
Code: LTS-1013 Code: LTS-1014 Code: LTS-1015
Code: LTS-1016 Code: LTS-1017 Code: LTS-1018
Code: LTS-1019 Code: LTS-1020 Code: LTS-1021
Code: LTS-1022 Code: LTS-1023 Your Favorite sports tram, we have them all.... Code: LTS-1024
Code: LTS-1025 Code: LTS-1026 Code: LTS-1027
Code: LTS-1028 Code: LTS-1029  

Send us your photo of where you stuck your sticker and we will post it here. Send it to [email protected]

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