Stair Riser Book Shelf

These signs and logos were designed by us here at Mike Stickers.  Need a custom step design?  Give us a try!!!

  Customers Personal Favorite Bookends.
  If you would like custom stair riser decals, please let us know the following:

1. We need width and height of the stair riser or desired measurements,  width first then height.
Make sure to measure each one and count how many you need.

2. You will need to find or have the artwork of the book, image, photo, est.
Bookend images can be scanned on a flatbed scanner or taken with a hi-resolution camera.

3. Email all that info to us at: [email protected]

How do we make them?.....
We print the bookend image, artwork or photo you what printed on 3mil sticky back vinyl.  Then we laminate the printed image with a clear, low luster finish 3mil over-laminate to protect the print from toe kicks. 

We then cut a 3mm MaxMetal substrate backer board (seen right)
made of a two sided aluminum plastic composite center for strong durability.  The vinyl is then adhered to the substrate board.

You can request a punched hole in all four corners for screws or
heavy duty double back tape application. 

Stair decals are $8.00 SF (square foot) for printed laminated vinyl, plus $2.00 SF for the substrate. 
       i.e.  36 inches wide x 7 inches tall = 252 sq in. divided by 144 = 1.75 sq ft. x $10.00 = $17.50 + Shipping.
      You can also request just the printed vinyl without the substrate.

If you have any other questions please text or email us. 602.456.2438 - [email protected]

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